The importance of detailing in the bakery industry

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    The importance of detailing

    in the bakery industry

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the importance of detailing

As with any industrial building, the main concerns when it comes to design include durability, mechanical resistance, and safety. However, when it comes to an industry dealing with food, hygiene becomes a top priority. Particularly in the baking industry, a discrepancy in cleanliness could cause infection in the product or even the ceasing of production. Thus, thorough protocols are essential for maintaining a healthy business.

Our protocol begins from the ground up. A well designed foundation makes for an effective facility all round. In particular, scrupulous attention must go into the detailing. Whilst certain elements are necessary to keep the area clean, they can also be the crux of hygiene. For instance, crucial aspects of a bakery, such as drainage, thresholds, skirting, and corners, are also an ideal living space for bacteria. Give them half a chance and they’ll be moving in with extended family. Our flooring is a polymer-based thermosetting synthetic. This means that it is liquid tight. It can be fitted to any space with perfection. Because of its seamless application, It's pore-free with no nooks and crannies for bacteria to nestle into.

Bolidtop® 700: The perfect match

The Bolidtop® 700 flooring system meets all the hygiene requirements of the bakery trade, including food safety standards based on the HACCP principles. It has no seams or joints, it’s pore-tight, dirt repellent, and very easy to clean. Being resistant to heavy machinery, hot liquids, extremely cold liquids, and even acids, it’s an ideal match. The system is 5 mm thick, which is important to consider when applying the detailing.


Drainage systems

A frequently asked question at Bolidt is "can the floor be attached to drainage systems without any gaps?". The short answer is; absolutely! However there are a couple of things to consider when applying the floor and installing details.

When applying the drainage systems, it should be noted that Bolidtop® 700 has a thickness of 5 mm. Thus, make sure that the drainage system does not protrude to a height greater than 5 mm. We want to avoid any irregularity in smoothness. We have a team of experienced specialists, so for any queries for individual cases, do not hesitate to inquire.

Coveted skirting

Coveted skirting replaces the need for any rigid edges around the parameters of a room. Bolidtop® 700 can be applied to avoid the existence of any 90° corners, reducing the risk of bacterial hideouts. This same curved finish can be applied all the way to the corners of the room, leaving no stone unturned.

We like to make our work 100 percent future-proof, so it's important that we work in the parameters of the necessary regulations. As experts in the field, we're aware of the latest requirements. According to EU standards, corners, edges and protrusions must be rounded with a minimum radius of 3 mm.

At Bolidt we have a series of profiles suited for various situations. Coved skirting can be applied in front of the wall, or the system can be integrated into the wall itself.

The Bolidtop® 700 flooring system is extremely well-suited for the baking industry.  From Allemeersch bakery in Brussels, to Perfetti Van Melle, Bolidt is raising the bar for hygiene across the industry. It’s always important to look at cases individually, and with more than 50 years of experience around the world, we’ve got experts that can help with every kind of project.

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