(High-speed) railways, crane ways

Harbour areas, jetties, quays. Bulk and container transport. Storage and transshipment, computer-controlled by means of craneways. Grouting the rails of railways that guide the cranes over their tracks. Solid foundations for the rails, able to withstand enormous pressure and tractive forces. Cast-synthetics: no deviations, which could cause cranes to derail. Crab cranes. Rail constructions. Embedded rails, such as used for high-speed rail-links to which strict standards for noise control apply. Light rails for short-distance railways. Glued fixations. Sandwich constructions. Continuous operation. Utilizing expensive capital goods. The resulting need for 100% reliability, minimal downtime.

Expert knowledge of casting materials and their application brings Bolidt into contact with:

Nederlandse Spoorwegen
European Container Terminal

Port facilities, piers, quays. Bulk –and container transportation. Transshipment and warehousing, computer operated via crane gantries. The substructure of the tracks guiding the dockside cranes. A sturdy foundation for the tracks, offering resistance to the enormous forces endured. Cast in synthetic material: no flaws through which the cranes could be derailed. Gantry cranes. Rail constructions. Embedded tracks, as used for high-speed train tracks, where the demands are very stringent with respect to noise pollution. Lightweight rail tracks for short stretches of railroad: Bolirail. Adhesions. Sandwich constructions. Continuous operation. Involving expensive capital equipment. Requiring 100% reliability, free from costly downtime.

For every question, a specific floor solution.

Bolidt has a worldwide experience on railways and crane ways. Succesfully we are working for:

Hunter Douglas
Standard Telephone Norway
Overslagbedrijf Amsterdam
Mammoet van Seumeren
Betoncentrale Fernhout
Container Terminal Hengelo

Europe Container Terminal
Verolme Shipyard do Brasil
H.V.A. Ethiopia
Sterrenwacht Westerbork
Havenbedrijf La Spezia
Mebin Betoncentrale
Euromast Rotterdam

Many different systems and applications are used for rails and craneways. Ranging from one kilo of grout or gluing compound for anchors and canted bearing plates to complete embedded rail applications including casting compounds, primers, adjustment plates, rail strips, gradient wedges, spacers and adjustment wedges.

The prices strongly depend on the amount of kilogrammes and/or the number of m¹ of rail that needs to be embedded. The prices per kg vary from € 2/kg to € 45/kg. The prices for embedded rail range between € 200 and € 1,000 per m¹ of rail.

To give you a more specific insight into our price structure, we invite you for a consultation to determine the most appropriate wearing course for your space.

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