High performance yachts

Expert knowledge of deck coverings and their application brings Bolidt into contact with:

Abeken & Rasmussen
Royal Huisman
Camper & Nicholson
Canadian Vickers

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Bolidt has a worldwide experience on high performance yachts. Succesfully we are working on:

yachts Royal Van Lent
m.v. ‘Tatoosh’
m.v. ‘Bolwerk’
m.v. ‘Claire’
m.v. ‘le Pharaon’
m.v. ‘Paraffin’

‘De Eendracht’
m.v. ‘Octopus’
m.v. ‘Blue Moon’
m.v. ‘Excellence II’
m.v. ‘Northern Light’

Many different deck covering systems apply to the high performance yachts; from coatings with a thickness of 100 µ up to synthetic systems of 20 mm. Prices depend greatly on the size of the surface and the choice of system.

For a 1,000 m² prices range between € 15 per m² for a thin functional coating and € 450 per m² for an exceptionally high quality, state-of-the-art deck covering.

To give you a more specific insight into our price structure, we invite you for a consultation to determine the most appropriate solution for your space.

Bolidt supplies state-of-the-art synthetic floor coverings on a worldwide basis. The floors meet the various electrical, chemical and mechanical requirements of the High performance yachts.

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