10-01-2013 Time for top ‘floor fashion’ designer Bolidt at Rabobank headquarters

A bank with ideas. The current slogan, which raises expectations. The very first idea was implemented over a hundred years ago and is still at the core of their success: a bank without shareholders. The co-operative Rabobank has not exactly lost out on this idea, with currently around 10 million clients, 1.9 million members, 139 local branches, 61,000 fte in 47 countries, more than 40 years of TV commercials and a top credit rating. The modern and important concept of ‘corporate sustainability’ also comes natural. Their co-operative identity and corporate sustainability are branches of the same tree as far as the Rabobank is concerned. ‘The bank and its members are one’. This tree is growing stronger and stronger, abundant with knowledge, expertise, networks, collaborations, customers, innovative ideas and successful new products.

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